What We Are All About

So what’s the National Guillotine Party all about?  Before we go there, let’s make sure we all understand what we are NOT:

We’re not here to incite violence nor are we espousing the violent overthrow of the Government.  We’re fully aware that there are lots of people that can’t wait for this country to turn into some dystopian Mad Max post-apocalyptic free-for-all.  Not us.  There are far too many people in this country – our fellow citizens – that would suffer incomprehensibly in that kind of scenario.  And all it would do, really, is exchange one set of principle-less predators for another.  Haven’t we lived under that paradigm long enough?

Then why wrap our identity around the guillotine you might ask.  That’s a fair question.  The guillotine, of course, is a powerful symbol of the French Revolution.  At that time, French aristocracy was living large while disease and famine was rampant among the citizenry.  The aristocracy was completely out-of-touch and unconcerned with the lot of the common man.   They were, however, fearful of the people.  And those whose actions or writings particularly worried the nobility could be arrested and thrown into prison – quite commonly the Bastille – without any recourse or right of appeal. 

Is any of this sounding familiar?

Of course when the people found themselves without work, unable to feed their families and with little hope of a future they decided they had had enough and took down the nobility along with the repressive government they represented.  Only back then, those at the very top found themselves losing their very top, so to speak. Ouch.

Unlike the French aristocracy, our modern aristocracy-elite have a distinct advantage.  During the French Revolution it was simply The People vs. The Aristocracy.  It was easy to know which side you were on.  But now the Elite can use their financial resources to hire lobbyists in order to promote their agenda and influence politicians (and legislation) through donations and favors.  They use politicians as their middlemen –  their agents.  And thanks to our two-party system they can do it on both ‘sides of the aisle’.  For the most part, they don’t care which side wins.  They own them both.

They also use our two-party system to keep the spotlight off them.  They do this by pitting one party against the other and to all of us against one another.  Through the use of clever and inflammatory language they divide The People into two camps so that we fight against each other while they can go about their business-as-usual, unimpeded.

While we fight with one another over which party is better for the country and which party will ‘make things better’ things continue to get worse.  Over the last three decades the power has shifted back-and-forth between the two parties several times.  And during that time we have been consciously, intentionally and increasingly screwed by the politicians that we are led to believe are there to ‘represent’ us.  They can’t very well represent The People when they work for the Elite.

So if you come to the National Guillotine Party believing that either of the two parties is ‘better’ than the other – move along.  There is nothing for you here.  For we of the National Guillotine Party believe that the American People have been systematically defrauded by the ENTIRE political establishment at the behest of their power-elite benefactors.

And we mean to put a stop to it.

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