Our Platform


The Platform of the
National Guillotine Party

WHEREAS the National Guillotine Party has been formed to be of The People, for The People and by The People we hereby state and resolve that:


  1. We regard the persistent corruption, pandering to big business and special interests, lack of transparency, erosion of individual and States’ rights, financial malfeasance, political gamesmanship and utter disregard for The People as wholly unacceptable and un-American.
  2. The Constitution of the United States of America together with The Bill of Rights (hereinafter referred to as The Constitution) constitutes the preeminent law of the land and the principles thereof.  All holders of public office, public employees, members of the military, contractors thereof, or any entity that accepts Public funds, are legally obligated to uphold, defend and protect same.  Any action or attempt to subvert, circumvent, evade or otherwise abrogate The Constitution will be construed as a High Crime against The Nation and The People.
  3. ALL People are created equal and therefore all laws and privileges shall be applied equally and consistently without prejudice or deference thereto.
  4. Personal liberty and a person’s right to privacy shall not be infringed.
  5. Corporations, businesses nor any entity of human construct or design shall be construed as a Person and thereby are not entitled to the rights or protections associated therewith.
  6. Holders of public office do so at the pleasure and behest of The People.  Consequently, their efforts, decisions and work shall be singularly dedicated to the sustenance, betterment and protection of the collective interests of The People.
  7. No holder of public office may have any legal, financial or fiduciary interest, directly or through trusts, family or other proxy, with any entity contracting with The Government.  All financial interests shall be disclosed by prospective candidates and vetted prior to qualifying as a candidate.
  8. All holders of public office, including judges, are subject to reasonable term limits (two terms where practicable) such limits to be established by public hearings and expert assessments of the available talent pools and requirements of the work.  Upon leaving office, no former public official may hold any legal, financial or fiduciary interest, either directly or through trusts, family or other proxy, for a period of three years nor accept employment, compensated or otherwise, for a period of five years with any entity contracting with The Government.
  9. No holder of public office shall have had the status of ‘dual-citizen’.
  10. The concept of ‘Professional Politician’ is contrary to the precepts of the United States of America.   All prospective candidates for public office shall be required to pass financial and criminal background checks as well as a comprehensive, standard written test specific to the office being sought. These tests will be used to establish candidate qualifications for holding such office and will be developed and maintained by an appropriately configured committee of academics.  Likewise, seated officials being considered for committees, chairmanships, cabinet appointments, etc. will be required to pass specialized tests consistent with the position in question.
  11. Lobbying and otherwise privately attempting to influence holders of public office shall be considered subornment.  Transcripts and logs of all meetings held by public officials shall be made public record without delay.
  12. The Federal Reserve shall be fully audited by a qualified team of professional forensic banking experts and shall thereafter be abolished, its functions being returned to The Treasury.  An extensive review of the operations and functions of The Treasury, banking and trading regulations will be undertaken by committees of qualified experts to develop
    recommendations to transition to a more stable and equitable financial system.
  13. An aggressive, independent review of the circumstances and causes of the recent economic collapse shall be undertaken and legal action taken against all persons and entities found to be complicit.
  14. An independent review will be undertaken of all Federal agencies to determine what function they provide and develop recommendations for transitioning appropriate functions to the private sector and/or States.
  15. The military of the United States will cease to be the world’s police force.  As a nation we will stop meddling in the affairs of other nations and will instead concern ourselves with improving our own domestic security.  However, we expect all nations to be responsible for the activities of their citizens and visitors.  Any attack on the United States or its interests originating from a foreign country will invite the rapid and overwhelming destruction of valuable assets and infrastructure within that country.
  16. The tax code shall be reviewed by a committee of academic experts to develop recommendations for an equitable policy.  Tax shelters and the advantages to ‘off-shore’ jobs and businesses will be eliminated in their entirety.
  17. All citizens of the United States share a common bond and we are obligated one to the next.  Appropriate ‘safety nets’ shall be established to ensure that all people have basic housing, food, water, security and access to necessary healthcare and education.  Those able to work shall receive reasonable assistance to facilitate their returning to the workforce.  Everyone who receives public assistance and is physically and mentally able will provide volunteer services commensurate with their abilities and the level of support they are receiving.
  18. No business or industry is entitled to profit from actions or inactions that result in damage or losses to The People.  Their primary responsibility in such cases is to repair or reverse such losses at all costs. No business shall be ‘bailed-out’ using public funds nor will any business be considered ‘too big to fail’.
  19. Campaign contribution regulations shall be overhauled to level the playing field for all candidates and prevent fundraising and special interests from determining elections.
  20. Any manipulation of, interference with or other fraud connected with an election constitutes a High Crime.
  21. Willful misrepresentation of fact, lying or obfuscation of the truth by a holder of public office constitutes a High Crime.  If able to be established as not willful but otherwise facts that should reasonably be known based on the official’s role and office, the outcome will be determined by an independent review board.
  22. Riders are disallowed on legislation.
  23. The tactic of fillibustering or any other process to intentionally block movement of legislation or delay/prevent a vote will no longer be allowed.
  24. Foreign aid, other than humanitarian aid, will be terminated.
  25. The compensation of public officials including any requested raises will be determined by public referendum.  Healthcare, retirement or any other benefit programs must come from the same sources as are available to the public at-large.
  26. Holders of public office must never have been a member of nor participated in any capacity with any secret organizations.
  27. Anyone convicted of a High Crime, in addition to whatever period of incarceration is deemed appropriate by the Courts, shall be stripped of all professional licenses and memberships; all personal assets; all interests in other assets irrespective of trusts, proxies or other sheltering or holding constructs or mechanisms; and all pensions, annuities or other instruments.  The act or omission of any individual attempting to conceal or shelter assets of another so convicted shall itself constitute a High Crime.



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