We’re Too Small and Powerless to Change Things

That’s what ‘They’ want you to believe.  That’s what we all must believe for them to retain control over this country, its resources and its revenue.  Economically, the jig is up.  It’s a mathematical certainty.  And TPTB have known that for quite some time.  They’ve been planning for it and are now executing those plans to ensure that when everything DOES implode, they’ll come out on top.  Doesn’t it make you in the least bit curious at the increasing pace by which our Constitutional rights are being legislated-away in order to ‘protect’ us?  Doesn’t it seem just a slight bit coincidental how stories of major banking fraud — including the 2007 Wall Street implosion — are happening at an increasing rate and no one seems to get prosecuted?  How about the familiar theme of billions and trillions of dollars just going missing?  Face it, something’s up and it’s not likely to be good for the majority of us.  But we are NOT powerless:

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